Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Teaching 3D Print for Glass

Last Wednesday, I was invited to lecture and demo for students in Bruno Andrus' class at Espace Verre. The demo was focused on ways of using multiple types of 3D printed molds and materials to make glass pieces that can be added together hot. Students were invited to experiment with some fresh molds prepped for the session and they did some really fun things with them. 

FDM plastic print of a vessel foot. The negative plaster mold was cast from this (see below) 

3D Printed bronze blow mold was used for the vessel, the foot was pressed in plaster and then attached

Students make a 'blown foot' for the vessel

(below) student turns blowmold into a pitcher

Student tests out the plaster press mold, using powdered graphite as a release agent

Big thanks to Bruno Andrus and the class for diving into the process with me. 
More on Bruno here:
and for more on Espace Verre, visit:

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